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1. How can I use a wiki?

Below are suggestions on how a wiki can be used in teaching:

  • Collaborative report writing and/or documentation by student groups working on class projects.
  • Documentation of Business Study Missions- reflections on trip, company information and visit summaries.
  • Creation of knowledge portals

Wikis can also be used by Admin Offices for team collaboration and sharing of knowledge.

2. Is it difficult to use?

This wiki is very easy to use. A wiki has two basic modes, read and edit. The read mode looks like a normal webpage, while the edit mode allows users to add and delete material. In a wiki text, pictures and documents can be uploaded. 


3. Can I try first?

Yes, you can access a test wiki here where you edit and add text.


4. Who can create SMU wikis?
  • SMU wikis can be used by faculty members for teaching/research or by Admin Offices for team collaboration.
  • Wiki creation must be supported by a faculty member or HOD.
  • Students will not be able to create their own wikis.


5. How are SMU wikis organized?
  • Wikis are organized by office name or by term and course name.
6. Are SMU wikis accessible to the public?

It is up to the faculty member or HODs to decide on access rights. However we do not allow edit access for the public.

7. Are there reports to help me assess individuals' contribution to the wikis?

SMU wikis do not have such reports. However, there is an activity log of what students have contributed.

8. How much disk space is allocated for each wiki?

All wikis are allocated with 300 MB of disk space.

9. What are the advantages of using SMU wikis compared to other wiki platforms?
  • SMU wikis are integrated with SMU's internal accounts (through LDAP). For SMU staff and students, this means they only need to sign on once into our network instead of having separate login IDs and passwords.
  • SMU wikis are easy to learn and simple to use. IITS provides training for faculty members, staff, students and TA's. 
10. Are the wikis integrated into SMUVista?

No, it is not integrated into SMUVista but the wiki URL may be posted on a SMUVista course page.


11. Can I post my course materials into my wikis?

It is not recommended as SMUVista is a better platform with its full range of communication, assessment and reporting tools.

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