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 Wikis @ SMU

Integrated Information Technology Services (IITS) is pleased to announce that we support faculty and staff who are interested in using wikis. Faculty and staff, who want to learn more about wikis, may approach IITS staff for training, development and management of their wikis.

To cater to the different needs, we are providing support for two alternative forms of wikis i.e. SharePoint and MediaWiki. SharePoint wiki is easy to start up and to learn. MediaWiki is "full featured" but requires knowledge of markup language. Different rights of access may be configured, but all postings are recorded, and are restricted to SMU accounts only.

Why use wikis?

A wiki is a set of web pages that are collaboratively written. An education wiki can be used for exchange of ideas, knowledge distribution and knowledge creation. Students can also group together to create new content thus empowering them with content awareness, ownership and sense of achievement. By working together on a common delivery system, group management and communication skills are further developed.

In our discussions with faculty members, various usage possibilities suggested are:

  • Central course outline and co-ordination
  • Business study mission management (suggestions)
  • Student collaborative project submission (suggestions)
  • Knowledge portals (suggestions)

Admin offices can use wikis for team collaboration and sharing of knowledge. If you want to start a wiki then click here. If you want to see examples of how wikis have been used in SMU, then go to our Teaching Wikis page.


 Wikis in SMU

Assistant Professor Jason Woodard wanted to use a course wiki to share knowledge among students.

Student presentations and group projects were posted on the wiki, along with discussion pages for lectures and class debates. Students could view and edit all project pages, which made it possible for them to expand, revise and comment on each other's work. Students helped each other by suggesting improvements and starting conversations on topics where opinions differed.

By using a wiki, discussions could be continued outside the classroom. Since the wiki was open for public viewing, it also pushed the students to research more carefully and produce higher quality work. As a bonus, the students acquired the skill of using the MediaWiki markup language.


Assistant Professor Jason Woodard
School of
Information Systems, SMU.

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